​We Need More Core!

​We Need More Core!

2nd Nov 2018


We neglect working our core as much as we neglect stretching. Our psychology tells us that if we only have a handful of hours per week to dedicate to exercise we should focus on cardio and weights……seems to make sense. However, neglecting our core is like building a house without a foundation. Along those lines, the stronger the foundation the more stable and secure the rest of the house will be.

That being said our trainers put their heads together to figure out the best way to allocate the proper time for cardio and weights and rolled it into a total body core workout that maximizes your time AND puts the much-needed emphasis on your core.

It’s recommended to do this workout 1-2x per week.

  • 10 minute warm up. (Jogging, elliptical without using arms, or stepper without holding the sides) Using only the legs and midsection to balance we are warming up our core.
  • 20 lunges alternating legs on BOSU ball (hold dumbbells for increased resistance). Take is slow, we are focusing on core and balance. 4 total sets, 30-45 seconds rest in between.
  • 10 dumbbell chest presses using resistance ball. Make yourself into a table using the resistance ball as support. Elevate your hips to the sky and engage your core as you do your presses. Again, using heavier weight isn’t the most important. Engaging the core is the goal.
  • 10 cable rows standing on one leg. (Use the adjustable cable machine and bring the pulley to the right height to perform a standing row). 4 sets (2 on each leg). 30-45 seconds rest in between.
  • 10 standing cable leg extensions. Balance, again, is the key - engage the core. (Use the adjustable cable machine and fix the foot harness at the bottom. Keep the balancing leg stable and do let extensions with the opposite leg). 4 sets (2 on each leg). 30-45 seconds rest in between.
  • 10 one legged standing shoulder presses. Use dumbbells and balance on your straight leg. Heavy weight isn’t necessary, focus on staying balanced. 4 sets (2 on each leg). 30-45 seconds rest in between.
  • 10 resistance ball hamstring curls. Lay flat on your back and lift your hips up while your feet plant on the resistance ball. Roll the ball back and forth curling and extending your legs. Keep the hips high and glutes/abs tight as you perform this exercise. 4 sets with 30-45 seconds rest in between.
  • Finally, finish with (3) two minute planks. Increase time and decrease sets as the resistance becomes easier.
  • Questions? Email us at info@flexxsportsnutrition.com