TeaCrine – The Next Super Ingredient?

TeaCrine – The Next Super Ingredient?

11th Oct 2018

TeaCrine by it’s nature has similar molecular qualities of caffeine yet delivers the energy and focus without the jitters, crash or habit-forming side effects. Wow! This sounds great, why don’t all sports supplements use this? Well, it isn’t cheap, using TeaCrine requires products to be listed at a premium which is why some brands pass on it. Not Flexx. We love it!

Through research study of Camellia assamica var. kucha (a type of tea) they found that it significantly enhanced energy without increasing anxiousness like caffeine. Further studies showed that it did not result in fatigue (crash) or tolerance build up over time.

Benefits Include

– Mental Boost + Physical Energy

– Supports positive mood

– Improves perceived focus + concentration

Who is this ingredient for?

Really anyone looking for a mental edge and boost in energy.





-Police + Military Personnel

You can find this ingredient in our Hyper Blaze fat burner. It’s specifically designed for the focus and energy portion of the product.

Want to learn more? Find out from the manufacturers site at, http://www.compoundsolutions.com/teacrine.html