23rd May 2019
Super Easy!  Just grab some zip freezer pop bags online.  We found some on amazon that included a funnel.1) Fill Up Your Blender with 3/4 Coconut Water2) Add 1 Whole Banana3) 3 Scoops Amino… read more
28th Mar 2019
How Spicy Foods Can Help Burn Fat?Disclaimer: Spicy foods aren’t the complete solution to your fat burning and weight loss goals however, if you’re looking for any slight advantage spicy foods can hel… read more
14th Mar 2019
These little poppers are perfect for something quick and easy!  Especially first thing in the morning, fire down one of these before having your Pre Shred and you'll be fueled up.Chocolate Peanut… read more
11th Oct 2018
Social media posts are destroying the way people feel about meal planning. I promise you don’t have to eat chicken and broccoli 3 times a day to have a fit figure and a strong body! Here are 5 quick t… read more
11th Oct 2018
Looking for a delicious way to get your protein without having to drink it? Try Rexx Elite Sam Paparo’s amazing protein cakes made with Optimum Nutrition’s Salted Caramel flavor. You can use any type… read more
11th Oct 2018
Guest Post by Derek Flodmand                                 Working in a gym, the biggest problem I come across wi… read more
11th Oct 2018
11th Oct 2018
Another great guest post by Sam Paparo. Check out her blog and meal prep services at DHF With Sam!I eat a salad every single night for dinner and I recently did some research on the ingredients in my… read more
11th Oct 2018
Sometimes your schedule gets so busy that you forget to fully meal prep. Trust me, I’ve been there before! Instead of stopping at the vending machine and grabbing another Pop-Tart or bag of chips to k… read more
11th Oct 2018
In case anyone didn’t know, I have a pretty hectic lifestyle. Most of it is my choice. I don’t think most “normal” people would choose to work full-time, have a start-up business, a part-time job, and… read more