Spring Break Shred Plan

Spring Break Shred Plan

Posted by Flexx Team on 31st Jan 2019

Spring Break Shred Plan

Spring break is right around the corner and you want to attempt to create the best physique possible in 4 weeks. Heck, it doesn’t have to be Spring Break. You can use this plan for any “crash” rapid body fat loss in 4 weeks time.

Here’s an example of the nutritional guidelines (*as always, check with a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian to assess your risks with any diet)

1) Increase Water intakeI try to go 75-85% of my body weight in ounce of water per day.

2) Decrease sodium intake- I wouldn’t say eliminate it completely, just be more conscious of how much you’re taking in each day.

3) Fruits and vegetables only week one.

4) Fruits, Vegetables and Protein sources (no dairy) weeks 2-4.

5) Less than 100g carbs per day.

6) Week 4 decrease your water intake to 40-50% your body weight in ounces per day.

Keep in mind, this diet is not sustainable. You’ll want to slowly increase your carb intake after this month is over. To maintain a good physique, monitor your carbohydrate intake. Carbs are going to be a very important fuel source for you after your month is over.

Here’s the workout


45-60 minutes cardio 3x per week. (The goal is to sweat, increase that core temperature) Fat burners, both thermogenic (like Hyper Blaze) and non stimulant fat burners like CLA or L-Carnitine are good here.

Weight Training

On days you aren’t doing your 45-60 minutes of cardio work, we will be doing total body exercises. High repetitions 15+ reps per set.

15 Minutes High Intensity Intervals on Air Dyne bike or Treadmill (1 minute 90% max effort, 1 minute 10% max effort. Alternate until 15 minutes is up.

3 Sets Thrusters

3 Sets Standing Chest Fly with cables (15 air squats in between each set)

3 Sets Pull Ups or Lat Pull down (15 alternating lunges in between each set)

3 Sets Standing Arm Curl (15 dips on bench in between each set)

6 total days of exercise. On your off day, do active recovery. Play sports, go for a walk outside, just be active.

Good supplements to use are the following (check with a doctor to see if you have any restrictions)

1) Fat Burners – Thermogenic, CLA, Carnitine

2) Plant Based Protein

3) Preworkout

4) BCAA recovery

Give it a try. If you feel that anything is too intense, simply tail it back. Also, be sure to share with us any success stories or before and after photos.