Spicy Foods to Burn Fat?

Spicy Foods to Burn Fat?

Posted by Flexx Team on 28th Mar 2019

How Spicy Foods Can Help Burn Fat?

Disclaimer: Spicy foods aren’t the complete solution to your fat burning and weight loss goals however, if you’re looking for any slight advantage spicy foods can help. Just like our fat burning products, they can provide an edge but, nothing works better than a caloric monitored diet and exercise.

How it works:

Cayenne is one of the staples in spicy foods. What makes Cayenne spicy is capsaicin which can help with weight loss and is also in many weigh loss products. Flexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze has a trademarked form of capsaicin called Capsimax which delivers the effects without the heat.

Spicy foods can also aid in weight loss by curbing your appetite. A 2012 study found that cayenne helped reduce cravings for fatty, sweet and salty foods. This will leave you feeling satisfied without the need for over eating or sugary cravings.

Lastly, spicy foods can also increase your core temperature giving you a thermogenic effect which also aides in fat burning. This can very drastically in each individual as some peoples bodies respond differently to these types of foods.

In summary, an increase in metabolism, appetite suppression and a thermogenic effect will help create additional fat burning opportunities throughout the day.

Here are some examples on how you can add these fat burning spices to your meals

1)Cayenne Pepper on morning eggs or on your baked potatoes

2)Hot Sauce on your meats

3)Add jalapenos to your salads or meats