No Time to Make Dinner With Your Busy Schedule? Try Using a Crockpot!

No Time to Make Dinner With Your Busy Schedule? Try Using a Crockpot!

11th Oct 2018

In case anyone didn’t know, I have a pretty hectic lifestyle. Most of it is my choice. I don’t think most “normal” people would choose to work full-time, have a start-up business, a part-time job, and prepare for a student dance showcase (which requires hours in the studio) all at one time. But hey, why settle for anything less than greatness?

I’m sure many of you have equally as busy schedules with work, school, and family life. You may even be bringing work home which eats up more time than you’d like. Throw in a killer commute and some of you might be even more hectic than me! Which leads me to the question: How does one prepare a healthy meal when you barely have time to step into your kitchen? The answer: the all powerful crockpot!


Now, if you don’t have a crockpot (or know what one is), I’m about to knock your socks off. This fabulous little electric machine (also known as a slow-cooker) allows you to cook delicious meals all at once while you’re at work. You simply place all of your ingredients in it, put it on low (for most recipes), set the timer, and voila! Dinner is ready when you walk in the door at night.

I use the crockpot at least a few times a week, mostly because I need to make very large portions for my fitness related goals. It also saves me hours in the kitchen when I’d normally be slaving over the stove to make a subpar meal (I admit, I’m an awful cook. We can’t be great at everything, right?)

So, here is my all-time favorite recipe (thanks to my sister) plus a link to a website with more great crockpot meals (which I steal from often) to get you started! You can no longer complain that you didn’t have time to cook a delicious meal so you were required to spend all of your hard earned money on an unhealthy dinner at McDonalds! Instead, prepare yourself on your long train ride back from the city to eat a delicious meal cooked in your crockpot.

Mexican Crockpot Chicken

Ingredients: 1 pound of chicken breast, 1 can of corn, 1 can of kidney beans, 1 jar of salsa

Directions: In your crockpot, layer 1/2 the can of corn, then 1/2 the can of kidney beans, then 1/2 the jar of salsa. Place chicken breast on top. Pour the remainder of the corn, beans, and salsa overtop. Set your crockpot on Low for 8 hours. When it’s done, shred the chicken and serve with tortilla chips!

There are additional tasty recipes here!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite crockpot recipes?