​How to Stick to Your New Year Resolution?

​How to Stick to Your New Year Resolution?

6th Dec 2018

How to Stick to Your New Year Resolution?

Annually, as we approach the new year, we set many goals that we would like to achieve in the up coming days, weeks and months. Things like, making more money, spending more quality time, losing weight, etc. tends to top everyone’s list.

According to Forbes only 8% of us are able to stick to our resolutions and achieve our goals. Why is this? I’m sure we all have genuine intensions on making our lives better in the up coming year, right? So why can only a small percentage of us stick to, and achieve our resolution goals?

1) Our goals aren’t specific enough. To say “I want to lose weight this year” is too broad. “I want to lose 32lbs” is specific. It’s hard to hit a target when you don’t know where you’re suppose to aim. Another one is “I want to be more fit.” Fit can mean many things. Narrow it down to an exact specification. Numbers are always best. “I want to make an extra $25,000 this year” is a target that we can aim towards.

2) We need to lay out the steps to get there. For weight loss it’s simple. We know that there are 3,500 calories in a pound of body weight. Therefor, a caloric deficit, either by way of diet, exercise or both of 3,500 you will lose one pound. Multiply 3,500 by the amount of weight you want to lose, and you’ll know exactly how many calories you need to burn. Same goes for financial goals. Building a simple road map knowing you can’t make an additional $25k without making the first dollar will help you build the plan. Then knowing what you need to do to generate that dollar.

3) Set a target date for when you want to achieve the goal based on the steps in your road map. If you want to lose 32lbs and know you can put yourself in a caloric deficit of 3,500 per week then you know it’s going to take you 32 weeks to get there.

4) Put some check points along the way. Write on a calendar, based on your target date of completion, points along the way where you can evaluate your plan, see what’s working and what isn’t and make any adjustments.

5) Make the time to perform the actions necessary to achieve your goal. Life doesn’t care about your goals. Meaning, you’ll always have to go to work, get oil changes, take the kids to the doctor, go on vacation, etc. You must build the necessary actions to reach your goal as a priority and schedule life around it. If making more money is your goal, then most likely, you’ll need to schedule the rest of life’s activities around work. Same with losing weight; if losing weight is your goal then you’ll have to schedule the rest of your life around your workout schedule.

It’s like most people that have kids thought they were so busy before having children it would be nearly impossible to tend to another humans needs on top of their own…..yet, we have billions of parents raising children all of the world and still managing to live their own life.

At first glance this may seem hard or even impossible, yet like every action, with consistency it becomes a habit, then habit becomes second nature. Put this plan to work in whatever it is you set your new years resolution as and you will succeed.