How Often Should I Exercise?

How Often Should I Exercise?

Posted by Flexx Team on 14th Feb 2019

How Often Should I Exercise?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as saying 3 days per week……Or even 5 days per week. The amount of exercise time you get per week depends on a few factors.

1)What is your fitness goal?

2)What is your experience/fitness level?

3)What are your time constraints, if any?


Fitness goals will essentially determine how often you should exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, we can calculate caloric deficit by day to determine how often you should exercise and how soon you want to hit your weight loss goal. If your goal is to build more lean muscle, we need to determine what exactly does that mean (get stronger, more muscle/less body fat, etc). If we are looking to get stronger, more rest in between heavy lifting days will allow the muscles to grow. If you are looking for less body fat, training more frequently with a balance of strength training and cardio days will be important. Specific goals, with targeted measurable marks will determine how many days you need to exercise. Also, finding programs specific to those goals will be much easier to determine the amount of training days required.


Your experience level also plays a big role in how many days you should exercise. If this is your first time exercising, coming out of the gate and training 6x per week may not be the best approach. The risk of injury and even lack of interest may set in if you don’t ease your way into it. In this particular case I would stick with these basic guidelines:

No Experience 2-3x per week

Moderate Experience 3-4x per week

Experienced 5-7x per week


Don’t let time be the reason you don’t exercise. Especially in the early goings, you need your life to revolve around your workout, not the other way around. But for those that take their fitness seriously…..I mean too seriously, it’s important to stay balanced. Rest is an important factor for reaching your fitness goals. This will prevent injury, keep your motivation levels high and prevent boredom.

Answer all three of these questions accurately and you’ll easily be able to find a program online that meets your needs and will indicate exactly how many times per week you should exercise.