How Much Protein Do I Need?

How Much Protein Do I Need?

11th Oct 2018

How Much Protein do I Need?

Good news! There are millions of online calculators that will help you determine this number. We will, as always, keep it simple and give you a general rule of thumb.

With everything, there are several factors that determine exactly how much protein you need. For instance, are you active or sedentary? How old are you? Are you looking to lose weight? Are you trying to gain muscle? Keep these questions in mind as you proceed.

Experts say .37g of protein per pound of body weight or .8g per kilogram of body weight. So, for a 150lb person (150 x 0.37 = 55.5g protein/day). For someone that is very active you can as much as double these protein intake values.

To us, the most important factor is your goal. If you are attempting to lose weight, an increase in protein intake will result in an increase in calories. Depending on the rest of your diet, this could put you in a caloric surplus thus negating your weight loss goals.

Another thing to keep in mind is the source of protein. A Whey Isolate or Blend has different caloric values, it also contains dairy which may impact your physique. Same with Vegan proteins, the body will respond differently depending on the primary source for the protein whether it be Pea, Soy or Hemp. Experiment or consult a dietician to see what’s best for you.

*As always, with nutritional advice, always consult a certified dietitian or doctor to see what’s best for you.