How Do I Stack My Products?

How Do I Stack My Products?

Posted by Flexx Team on 27th Feb 2019

Most nutritional and sports supplements deliver an individual result. I’m yet to find an all-in-one product that can literally do it all. In such case we have to buy multiple products to meet our needs. A stack doesn’t necessarily mean to take all of the products at once, but it means to have multiple products that you take on a daily basis.

My goal, for instance, is to burn fat while maintaining my lean muscle and even adding more muscle if possible. 

Here’s what my stack looks like:

AM: Multivitamin, Probiotic, Omega, Hyper Blaze (Fat Burner), Greens Formula

Mid Morning: Plant Based Protein shake – meal replacement

Lunch: Hyper Blaze (Fat Burner)

4:00pm: Pre Shred (Pre Workout)

During Workout: Amino Shred (Intra Workout)

No Pre-Workout on non-exercising days. Only 1 am Fat Burner on non-exercising days.

I will cycle on for one month and then off for one month on the Pre-Workout and Fat Burner, but I will continue to take the Amino Shred daily.

Other things to consider adding to your stack

Creatine- if you’re looking to add more size and strength

Protein – if your diet is lacking enough grams of protein to meet your goals

Herbs - There are hundreds of herbal supplements available if you have special needs, it’s good to consider with help from a doctor or pharmacist.

*It’s important to note, not all stacks are appropriate for everyone. Consult with a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian before you begin a supplement regimen. 

Also, access your tolerance to stimulants.  If too many make you uncomfortable, avoid using stimulant heavy fat burners and pre workout powders on the same days.