High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – For Fat Burning

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – For Fat Burning

Posted by Flexx Team on 9th May 2019

At Flexx Sports Nutrition, we are all about weight loss and specifically FAT BURNING! We were asked if a cardiovascular routine that was focused on HIIT was better than Steady State Cardio. The truth is, there is no hard evidence that says one method is better than the other, however HIIT has some unique benefits that you can’t get from Steady State Cardio.

1)Time Saving: You can burn the same amount of calories in half or a third of the time it takes to burn calories doing Steady State Cardio. For those of you in a time crunch, this is the most effective.

2)Some people enjoy HIIT more: The key really is to find what type of cardio program you enjoy doing the most and STICK TO IT!

3)Some studies make claims that your EPOC or the amount of time for your body to return to it’s resting metabolic rate is longer with HIIT, however the studies have shown that that amount of time may be insignificant. So, this shouldn’t be a reason you do HIIT.

Should you switch from your Steady State Cardio routine to HIIT? Well, if you enjoy your Steady State Cardio routine, we suggest you stay with that. If you’re looking for a change, then try HIIT.

Some people do better with the short bursts of intensity followed by the rest or active rest periods. The key to making HIIT work is to get as close to your max effort as possible during those working periods.

As always, HIIT won’t save you from a terrible diet or meal plan. Make sure that part of the plan is in order with the proper caloric and macro requirements to hit your goals first.

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