Does Fasted Cardio Work?

Does Fasted Cardio Work?

11th Oct 2018

Without getting too much into the science and body chemistry of it all, let’s look at this training style from a birds eye perspective.

Based on all of my research (reading countless blogs from high level trainers and some testing on myself), I can say that Fasted Cardio most likely works when you are at the very low body fat levels and you need to go lower. I call it “fine detail” and I think bodybuilding competitors call it “conditioning”.

For the rest of us that aren’t looking to go from 5% bodyfat down to 4%, but still looking to lose body fat, should we even mess with Fasted Cardio? I would say, no. If doing morning cardio on an empty stomach is in convenient, uncomfortable and just a hassle, I say skip it. Anything that is likely to make you want to not exercise we need to remove as an obstacle.

If you are more likely to do your cardio in the afternoon, after a snack, let’s do that instead.

Next, the most effective form of cardio for weight loss is HIIT (High intensity interval training). A series of bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest. As an example, sprinting on a treadmill at 10 mph for 1 minute, followed by a 1 minute walk at 2 mph. Studies show that this form will have you burning calories up to 4 hours after your workout than steady state cardio.

In short, how are you going to get lean the fastest? Consistency, aaaaand HIIT cardio but otherwise, there are no short cuts. Set yourself up for success by doing regular workouts both cardiovascular and weight training consistently that you enjoy doing followed by a meal program where you monitor calories in.

If you like doing Fasted Cardio do it…..if you hate it, replace it with something you love and will stay consistent with.

-Tim Edmunds

B.S. Exercise Science