​Cold Weather Cardio

​Cold Weather Cardio

6th Dec 2018

Do you enjoy running outdoors? Hate going inside on the treadmill when it’s cold outside? Well, we may have a solution for you!!! Yes, bundle up and go outside!

Now other than the obvious, dressing appropriately and avoiding any slick ice patches, running outside in the cold can be beneficial.

  • 1)Running in the cold is less taxing on the body as oppose to running in the heat and humidity.
  • 2)Keeping up with your cardio, especially in the winter can help fight seasonal depression.
  • 3)Running in the cold can train your body to use oxygen more efficiently.
  • 4)Regular running in the cold at 45 degrees or less can reduce your chances of the cold and flu.

These benefits are wonderful, but it’s absolutely crucial to dress in layers. In sub-freezing temperatures do not leave any skin exposed. Your top layer should be some sort wind breaking material, then you can peel down as your body temp rises.

Now have fun and get outside!