Can Drinking Water Make You Lean?

Can Drinking Water Make You Lean?

11th Oct 2018

Does Water Make You Lean?

The answer to this question isn’t easy, but when you use water as a tool for weight loss, fat metabolism and digestion it certainly does work.

Here’s the list of top benefits of water.

  • Rid your body of toxins so it can run more efficiently.
  • Prevents injuries, joints lubricated, muscles hydrated so you won’t miss a workout.
  • Helps burn Fat (see below).
  • Aids in digestion.

Obviously, we can see above how these items would make it seem like water is the ultimate fat burning, body leaning tool, but let’s get into some science.

  • More fluid you drink, the less water your body feels the need to store.
  • Enhance kidney and liver function for more efficient fat metabolism
  • Boost metabolism by drinking ice cold water

Here’s an older video one of our trainers did preaching the benefits of regular calculated water intake. Let us know your thoughts after you’ve tried it.